Dr. Mark Thornton Senior Fellow of The Mises Institute

February 12, 2019

Dr. Mark Thornton  Senior Fellow with The  Mises Institute is our guest today. He is a professor, author and an Austrian economist.

Mark joins us to talk Socialism. If you've heard Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, recently touting Socialism as the answer for America, then please check out our conversation. 

You can learn more about Mark's work at Mises.org below. 


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Dave Herman - Chairman of The American Kratom Association

February 12, 2019

Dave Herman the Chairman of The American Kratom Association joins us today. 


If you're curious about Kratom, want to keep it legal, or belive that individuals should be free to make their own choices about what they consume, then check out our conversation. 

We cover what The American Kratom Assocaiation is doing to Keep Kratom Legal, the current science surroudnign Kratom and how the...

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Fredrik Lindblom - Swedish Golfer

February 11, 2019

Fredrik Lindblom, my good friend, joins us to talk golf, chasing your freams and why he left Sweden to come and live in America. 

 It was great catching up with Fred. He will be on teh Latina America PGA toru soon and he talked about his partnership with PureswingCBD. A company that makes 100% THC free and third party lab tested CBD oil for those who undergo drug testing. 

Fred shareds how he stays healhty on tour, why its a bad idea to drink from the water cool...

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The Future of Hemp in America with Erica Stark of The National Hemp Association

February 11, 2019

Erica Stark the Executive Director of the National Hemp Association is our guest today. 

We talk about the 2018 Farm bill, how hemp will become a $20 billion dollar industry in the next few years and what you need to know before buying CBD oil.

We both agree that the legalization of Hemp (which is Cannabis but no Marijuana) will have a positive impact on the economy as well as the health and wellness of people and the planet.

If you're interested in growing Hemp,...

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Scott Horton talks War, Liberty and Peace

February 11, 2019

Scott Horton of the Libertarian Institute and editor of Antiwar.com joins us to talk about the endless wars being overseas and what that does to liberty at home. 

In his book "Fool's Errand: It's Time to end the War in Afghanistan" Scott lays out hte history of the war there and why the United States military should leavel. 

Scott and I also talk about how the Federal Reserve System and the tax system allows the government to wage wars around the world. We discuss in...

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