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Cannabis as Medicine - Dr. Peter Grinspoon CHPodcast Ep. 36

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Cannabis as Medicine - Dr. Peter Grinspoon CHPodcast Ep. 36

Welcome to The Chronically Human Podcast Ep. 36

Our guest today is Dr. Peter Grinspoon. He  is a primary care doctor in Boston, teaches at Harvard Medical School, is the author of “Free Refills”, a book detailing his addiction and recovery with pain pills,  and he is an advocate for legalizing and utilizing Cannabis as Medicine.  

(At the 38 minute mark we had an issue with the audio. There is an echo or reverb when Dr. Grinspoon speaks. I apologize for this. We’ve left that portion of the conversation in because it's full of great information even though the audio isn't perfect)

We have a great discussion about his unique perspective on the perceived opioid crisis, his take on how the government’s response to reducing opioid overdose deaths has negatively impacted people in chronic pain, and his work advocating for the use of Medical Cannabis. He explains why the current "Reefer Madness" proponents are wrong and exposes who the institutional forces are that are working to keep Cannabis illegal.  We also talk about his father Dr. Lester Grinspoon and his pionnering work advocating for Cannabis and psychedelics. 

Dr. Peter Grinspoon's Book "Free Refills"

You can find Peter's artciles on The Opioid Crisis, Medical Cannabis and Health and Wellness at the Harvard Medical School's Blog

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Peter is an active member of "Doctors For Cannabis Regulation" which is an organziation of Doctors who are working to legalize Cannabis and educate other healthcare professionals about using Cannabis as medicine.

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I apologize for the quality of the audio in the last 20 minutes. The Skype connection went in and out and we weren’t aware of the reverb/echo issue until we re-listened to the conversation. I wasn’t able to fix it. I decided to leave it in even with the audio issue because Peter provided a lot of great information. I understand audio quality is important and we strive to do our best to present useful information in the best possible way. 

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Thanks for listening. 

I really enjoyed our conversation with Peter and I hope you do as well. Let us know your thoughts about using Cannabis as medicine and why Health Freedom is important to you.  

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