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Chronic Pain, CDC guidelines, and "unintended consequences" - Pat Anson CHPodcast Ep.32

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Chronic Pain, CDC guidelines, and "unintended consequences" - Pat Anson CHPodcast Ep.32

Pat Anson of The Pain News Network is our guest today. 

The Pain News Network is a media outlet that covers the political and personal side of pain.

Unfortunately millions of people in America are being undertreated or denied treatment for pain. A big reason for that is the CDC guidelines that came out in 2016. We discuss the origins of those guidelines and also the most recent comments by the FDA and CDC regarding them. Pat and I discuss Medical Marijuana and also Kratom as solutions some people are turning to for pain relief.  

Pat had a great point during the conversation : that even if you are not in pain now one day you could be and that makes this an issue that is really important for us all.

Check out Pain News Network here: 

Twitter: @PainNewsNetwork 

I exercise my health freedom by using Kratom to help with my chronic pain. After years of research the only brand I trust is Urban Ice Organics. You can find them at

The owners of Urban Ice Organics are the producers of the Documentary “A leaf of Faith” directed by Chris Bell, they are the brand that Chris Bell gave to Joe Rogan during his appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience and they test all their Kratom to ensure there aren’t any heavy metals, salmonella and other adulterants in it. Having been chronically ill all my life I am very cautious about what I put in my body and before I found Urban Ice Organics I was hesitant to try Kratom, not because I thought Kratom was unsafe (according to my research) but because I couldn’t find a reputable source. I thank God I found Urban Ice Organics.

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I urge everyone to do their own research. If you’d like to learn more about my experience with Kratom email me:

 If you’d like to know more about Urban Ice Organics and Kratom please check out The Chronically Human Podcast Ep. 25 when I spoke with the owner, Kelly Dunn: 

CDC Guidelines for 2016:  

CDC comment 4/10/19 (they finally admit there “may” have been unintended consequences)  

FDA letter 4/9/19 on Forced Tapers FDA%20Drug%20Safety%20Communication%20Opioid%20Tapering.pdf?ver=1554957604053 

FDA forced Tapers:  

Letter from 300 Health Professionals to the CDC,%202019%20%20final.pdf?ver=1554957603770 

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Thanks for listening and let us know your thoughts on what its like to live with Chronic Pain in America today. 

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