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Escaping Communism and Finding Freedom with Carmen Alexe - CHPodcast Ep. 33

Carmen Alexe CHPodcast Ep 33 “How to find Freedom in an unfree world”

Thanks for joining us today.

My name is Brad Miller and this is the Chronically Human Podcast where we have conversations aimed at creating a better world with more individual freedom and less unnecessary suffering. 

Our guest today is Carmen Alexe - we talk about her courageous escape from Romania during the Cold War, what it was like to live in Communist State, and her take on the rise of socialism in America and why she thinks that’s an extremely bad idea. 

She has a great website called where she explains how you too can find more freedom in an increasingly unfree world.

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I really enjoyed my conversation who is optimistic, full of life and about finding positive solutions that individuals can implement to find more freedom in an increasingly unfree world.

Carmen’s great blog post about socialism, censorship and propaganda. 

What Americans don’t understand about Freedom 

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