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How to find success in Life and in Business with David Marinac CHPodcast Ep 28

Chronically Human Podcast
How to find success in Life and in Business with David Marinac CHPodcast Ep 28

David is the owner and CEO of ABC Packaging Direct and you can find more about his company's products at: 

David and I talk about marketing, sales and motivation in the modern age.

David is an extremely positive guy who has a lot of great information to share about finding success in life and in business. 

Books mentioned: 

David during the show recommended the book "Psychocybernetics"  and I’m re-listening to the audio version. The book isn't about cyborgs it's instead about practical ways we can use the mental machinery we have to live better lives. Dr. Maltz the creator of psychocybernetics writes about how your self image really determines your actions and only by changing how you view yourself will you be able to change your life. I highly recommend the book.

The book I mentioned and also found extremely valuable is Dr. Jordan Peterson’s book: 

Correction: During the podcast I mentioned the Book “Self Help” and the author was Samuel Smiles and it was written in 1859. You can read it here for free. It is one of the original self help books and like David spoke about during our conversation the old ideas are making a come back. 

Darryl Bosshardt with Redmond RealSalt was on Episode 20 of the podcast and he is who recommend David for the show. You can watch Darryl’s episode and learn more about the importance of salt in the diet and why its important to know where your salt comes from. 

You can buy Realsalt which is mined from an undergroud dried up anceint seabed in the middle of Utah.

I choose to improve my health and wellbeing by taking Kratom. The only Kratom I trust comes from 

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Thanks for joining us today and I hope you enjoy our conversation. 

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