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Legislation, Education and Liberty with Connor Boyack CHPodcast Ep. 27

Connor Boyack  is the president of the Libertas Institute, a Free Market Think tank in Utah and he's also the author of the children’s book series “The Tuttle Twins”, which teaches kids the fundamentals of freedom. 

We have a great discussion about the work that the Libertas Institute  is doing,  their recent victory helping to legalize Medical Marijuana in Utah, and how others can learn from their successes. 

Connor explains  the principles behind his work, how he found the ideas of freedom, and  why he decided to write “The Tuttel Twins” series of children books which are all based upon classic works of freedom.

We also talk about the pros and cons of getting involved in politics as a libertarian, how education is a key to helping others see the value of freedom and why persuasion and not force is  the only correct means of securing personal liberty for all. 

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