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The Fair Tax and Ending The IRS with Phil Hinson CHPodcast Ep. 30

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The Fair Tax and Ending The IRS with Phil Hinson CHPodcast Ep. 30

Phil Hinson is on the board of Americans For Fair Taxation and he is a proponent of The Fair Tax which is a National Consumption Tax  designed to replace All Federal Income Taxes. 

Would you like to never again have to pay Federal Income Taxes not like Wesley Snipes tried but with an alternate tax system that would eliminate the IRS, eliminate all Federal Income taxes (including payroll taxes) on all individuals and all corporations and still provide the same amount or more revenue for the Federal Government? How would you feel if April 15th was just another day instead of the deadline to file and pay your Federal Income Taxes? What would the economic landscape of America look like without the IRS and without Federal Income Taxes?

Please stick around for the entire episode as Phil Hinson explains The Fair Tax and how we can eliminate The IRS. 

Americans For Fair Taxation

Neal Boortz’s book about the Fair Tax on Amazon. 

Phil has been an advocate for the Fair Tax since the 1990’s. He explains how The Fair Tax can be easily implemented, how it would totally eliminate the IRS and all Federal income taxes, and how it will free up American Businesses to be more competitive in the World Economy and raise the standard of living for us all. 

In the second half of the interview Phil mentions that he believes the best path to getting The Fair Tax passed is through Constitutional means. He explains how the Conventions of State organization is working to help eliminate the 16th Amendment which would lead to the abolition of the Federal Income Tax and the IRS and would then be replaced with The Fair Tax system. 

The Fair Tax is a fascinating proposal and I think it’s important to talk about alternatives to our current tax system which is complicated, corrupt, extremely invasive, and it costs hundreds of billions of dollars to comply with, which drags down the GDP by up to 5% per year. Just imagine if the U.S. economy were growing at 7% per year!

Phil explains how the Fair Tax isn’t aligned with any political party and is specifically designed to appeal to those on the Left and the Right. According to Phil, The Fair Tax is revenue neutral or will actually bring in more revenue for the Federal Government, meaning there’s no change to current Federal Spending, and in addition it has a monthly rebate that ensures that those below the poverty line pay zero Federal Taxes. 

I would prefer to live in a more voluntary society where no force is used to fund the government. But until then I’m open to learning more about The Fair Tax. 

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Thanks for watching and let us know your thoughts on our current system of Taxation and if you believe that The Fair Tax is a better alternative. 

This is a short five minute clip in which Neal Boortz summarizes The Fair Tax Plan. 

Neal Boortz Interview about The Fair Tax 



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