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The truth about the Opioid Crisis with Josh Bloom CHPodcast Ep. 31

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The truth about the Opioid Crisis with Josh Bloom CHPodcast Ep. 31

Josh Bloom is researcher, journalist, scientist and President of the American Council on Science and Health, which describes itself as a pro-science consumer advocacy group that goes after what they think is bad science.

Josh and I don’t agree on many issues but we do agree that the government’s response to the so-called opioid crisis has left millions of people in chronic pain suffering unnecessarily.  Josh has done a lot of great work debunking the CDC’s numbers relating to the opioid crisis and exposing how as more draconian measures are instituted to restrict access to pain medicines - more people in pain are suffering and more people are dying of overdose. We talk about the real cause of the opioid crisis and how those in power and those who seek to benefit from that power have manipulated the data to present a false narrative to the American people. 

This is very emotional issue for me since I’ve been in chronic pain for over thirty years and have seen first hand how people in pain are  treated in the current environment of opioid hysteria.

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Some of Josh's articles on The Opioid Crisis:—-real-cause-todays-opioid-deaths-11681 

Iron law of Prohibition - During Alcohol Prohibition producers produced high strength liquor which was easier to smuggle and people switched from beer, which wasn’t available and instead drank high proof liquor. This is the analogy that I wanted to make when Josh was talking about Fentanyl being a unique event in American history. In reality Prohibition creates predictable and negative results. 

I don’t agree with Josh on many topics but we do agree on how it's truly  terrible how those in pain are being treated today and its our own government who is spreading the half truths and misinformation that make this a reality. 

.I advocate for the full legalization of all drugs, the end of the prescription pad requirements for all medicines, and the end to the1962 Drug Amendment Act which would end the FDA’s ability to approve drugs on Efficacy. This would return the power to the individual to purchase and choose for himself what he thinks best, in consolation with a doctor or without, to improve his  and wellbeing. 

One  book I reference is “Nazis Doctors: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide” written by renowned Psychologist Robert Jay Lofton. I highly recommend it to all those in the medical field as well as those who use the medical system. Robert interviewed the doctors and victimes of the German Medical System before and during WWII. The one key concept I spoke about from the book is “Biological Socialism” which was at the heart of the Nazi medical system. Biological Socialism means that your body and your mind are the property of the State and can be disposed of at will by those in power, for any reason and especially if your service to the State isn’t equal to the resources you consume. 

The key question is “If you don’t own your body and can’t control what you ingest who does and how do they determine how much of anything, including medicine do you deserve? The rationing of pain medicine is part of the problem we are facing today as millions of people in pain are being denied treatment, cut off from treatment or under treated due to the actions of our government. When Individual rights are trampled upon individuals and societry suffers. 

Since recording this episode the FDA has come out and made an announcement about advising doctors not to force taper people on pain meds - which is step in the right direction and we’ll cover that in future episodes - in my opinion thats coming out two years too late and doesn’t go far enough helping people who are in pain. The CDC 90 morphine milligram equivalent is still in effect. 

Throughout the discussion Josh brought up topics in which I disagreed with him on and In hindsight I wish I had pushed back a little more and given a defense from the consumers perspective concerning Marijuana and Kratom. If you’d like to read more about Kratom you can find some great info here: 

I want to thank Josh for a great conversation and I hope you enjoy our discussion. 

Thanks for listening and let us know your thoughts on Marijuana, Kratom and living with chronic pain in America today. 

Brad Miller

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