Dr. Mark Thornton Senior Fellow of The Mises Institute

February 12, 2019

Dr. Mark Thornton  Senior Fellow with The  Mises Institute is our guest today. He is a professor, author and an Austrian economist.

Mark joins us to talk Socialism. If you've heard Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, recently touting Socialism as the answer for America, then please check out our conversation. 

You can learn more about Mark's work at Mises.org below. 


Mark explains why Socialism can never work, the history of the death and misery its caused and we discuss a better way to help everyone live a more free, peaceful and prosperous life.

You can read more about what happens when governments are based upon collectivist principles and not those of individualism at the link below.


Death by Government: https://www.hawaii.edu/powerkills/NOT...

Mark recommends the first step for anyone investigating the principles and ideas behind Socialism, start with the many great articles about the subject on Mises.org


We also talk about the work he is doing at The Mises Institute educating students and why he's optimistic about the future of freedom in America. Mark shares his deep knowledge of the problems of Drug Prohibition and he gives insights into where the economy is going, based upon the work he's done for his latest book "The Skyscraper Curse".

You can find Mark's book, "The Skyscraper Curse" here for free:


You can find his book "The Economics of Prohibition" for free here:


Visit The Mises Institute to read thousands of articles and books about Austrian Economics (the economics of freedom), Individual Liberty and Peace. I would also suggest you buy the hard copy of the books as well. That way you can share them with friends and family.

Thoughtout the conversation we mention the work of French Economist Frederick Bastiat. I belive Bastiat's pamphlet "The Law"is one of the best and most succinct defenses of Individual Liberty ever written. It was written in 1850 as a counter to the rise of Socialism in France. You can read it for free here:


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Brad Miller

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