Dr. Thomas Kline The untold story of the opioid crisis (update)

February 06, 2019

On this epsisdoe we have Dr. Thomas Kline back on to get an update on his work advocating for people in pain. 

Millions of peopel with painful conditions, diseases and disorders are being undertreated, denied treatemnt or treated like they are a convicted criminals simply becuaes they are in pain. 

Dr. Kline shares with us facts that dispute the current opioid crisis narrative that's being pushed by the media, the government and self-serving organizations who benefit from spreading opioidphobia.

He explains that opioid addiction is rare and its terrible for those that have the genetically misshapend chemical receptors. He beleives that its a medical isuse and law enforcement should stay out of it. 

Opioid addiction occurs in 4 out of a 1000 people. Those without it and who are in pain shouldnt be denied treatemtn or treated like criminals simply because they need to have opioids for pain managment.

Theres a lot of money at stake and I feel thats the reason why the the lies and misinformation are persisting. In fact the Federal Government last year allocated $6 billion dollars to the DEA, local and state agencies, rehab centers and a billion dollars for opioid addiction vaccine reserach, which is pure pseudoscience. 

Dr. Kline also reminds us that opioids are miracle drugs that work, that they are safe and that they've been used for thousands of years. 

Don't just swallow what the media, the FDA, the DEA or the CDC are peddling concerning  the so-called opioid epidemic. People in pain are not the problem. Prescription pain medicine is not the problem. T

Dr. Kline says that we have an overdose problem within the addiction community and it's caused by the black market, which is created by Drug Prohibition. If people who are addicted had access to unadulterated drugs, drug oversodses would be almost eliminated. Drug education, drug maintence and drug subsittution programs are the answer, not politics,  police or the prison system.

If you have a painful disease or know somoenoe who does please listen and share. There are millions of Americans suffering unnecessarily becuse of ignorance, fear and greed. 

I want to thank Dr. Kline for his work advocating for those in pain who have been mostly forgotten by those in power.

Here at The Chronically Human Podcast we advocate for the End to the War on Drugs . We do so because of our principles as well as for practical purposes. Every individual owns themselves and has the natural right to ingest or not ingest a substance. By ending the War on Drugs we will compassionately help people who are addicts instead of just punishing them, and also make sure people in pain get the treatment they deserve.

 Thanks for listening.

Brad Miller

The Chronically Human Podcast

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