Keith Egan - Personal Trainer with Type I Diabetes

February 10, 2019

Keith Egan, my good friend, and a personal training from Ireland,  joins us today.

Keith recounts his struggles with having to deal with his Type I Diabetes and how he had to learn ways to manage it while playing Soccer and golf at University in the United States far from home. 

He now uses his extensive knowlege about diet, self expreimentation and postive approach to life to help others achieve their fitness goals. 

Keith talks about what motivates him and what he's learned from reading  David Goggins new book "You can't Hurt me".

We also talk about Wim Hof and the benefits of breath traininng and cold exposure. Keith breaks down how he sets and achieves goals as well as advice on what to do when you're stuck unsure of what to do next in pursuit of your own goals.

Keith is a very optimsitic and motivating young man from Ireland who has not allowed his health challenges to stop him from taking big risks in chasisng his dreams.

Thanks for listening.

Brad Miller

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