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Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer author David Whitsett CHPodcast Ep 29

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Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer author David Whitsett CHPodcast Ep 29

David Whitsett is a retired professor of psychology who is best known for teaching a class dubbed "Marathon 101" and his book he co-authored "The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer", which details the mental and physical training regiment he developed while teaching over 200 college students who were non-runners, how to finish their first Marathon.

We have a great discussion about his book, why he started teaching the class "Marathon 101" and how the  psychological techniques that he developed for the class can work for anyone to help them strive for and accomplish difficult and distant goals.

David explains how to get rid of negative thoughts, how to utilize the theatre of your mind to rehearse success, and how to develop an internal locus of control to live a happier and more successful life. He details how you can control your attitude, increase motivation, and push through adversity by training your mind with  simple mental training exercises. 

In 2007, seven months after I had a very painful and complicated surgery, I used David's book to train for and complete my first Marathon. The next year my mom used the physical and mental training regiment from the book to complete her first half-marathon. I am living proof that the training in the book works. I also still use many of the psychological techniques in the book to this day.

This episode is for anyone who is thinking about training for their first marathon or are looking for powerful proven psychological techniques that they can use to train their mind and body to attain the goals that are important to them.

Books discussed:

"Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer" by David Whitsett, Forest J Dolgener, Tanjala Jo Kole

"Spark" by John Ratey

"Flow" by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

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Thanks for listening and I hope you're able to use the concepts and techniques that David talks about to help you achieve the difficult and distant goals that are important to you.

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