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Peaceful Anarchy in Action with Austrian Economist Peter C Earle CHPodcast Ep. 26

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Peaceful Anarchy in Action with Austrian Economist Peter C Earle CHPodcast Ep. 26

Peter C. Earle  is a former trader and global financial analyst on Wall Street, an Austrian Economist, and Research Fellow at the American Institute for Economic Research 

He is also the author of the book "A Century of Anarchy: Neutral Moresnet - Through The Revisionist Lens" (it's a short book but its vital for everyone who cares about the cause of liberty and the E-book versison - which I purchased - is currnetly only $2.99 on Amazon!)                                                                                                                                                                             

We spend a good part of our conversation talking about the fascinating story of Neutral Moresnet. It was a tiny territory in Europe that for over a hundred years, demonstrated that when people are left alone, an emergent order of peace and prosperity can be created, through voluntary cooperation without the need of a central authority. 

He discusses how Moresnet came into existence, the unique competing systems of justice its citizens utilized, what led to the destruction of this beautiful accidental experiment in anarchy,  and the lessons this forgotten chapter of history can teach us today. 

The Story of Moresnet is one that everyone who is interested in discovering real life examples of peaceful anarchy in action, should be familiar with.  Pete reminds us as well that Anarchy doesn't mean the absence of rules it simply means the absence of rulers. Neutral Moresent is an example of what can happen when people are alone and in peace. 

Pete also gives his thoughts on the current resurgence of Socialist thought,  the power of decentralization to create more freedom and his common sense approach to spreading the ideas of individual liberty, peace and prosperity to others. Pete is a very optimistic about the future and gives examples that support his belief. 

Check out his great articles about freedom, anarchy and economic issues here: 

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