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We have conversations aimed at creating a better world with more individual freedom and less unnecessary suffering.
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  1. Peaceful Anarchy in Action with Austrian Economist Peter C Earle CHPodcast Ep. 26

    Peter C. Earle  is a former trader and global financial analyst on Wall Street, an Austrian Economist, and Research Fellow at the American Institute for Economic Research  He is also the author of the book "A Century of Anarchy: Neutral Moresnet - Through The Revisionist Lens" (it's a short book but ...


  2. Talking all things Kratom with Kelly Dunn owner of Urban Ice Organics CHPodcast Ep.25

    Kelly Dunn is the owner of Urban Ice Organics. It’s the fastest growing Kratom company in the country and for good reason. They lab test all of their products and they adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices. Urban Ice Organics is the only brand that I trust. We talk ...


  3. The Voluntary Social Safety Net with Max Borders CHPodcast Ep. 24

    Max Borders and I discuss the nature of charity, how he's using technology to create the voluntary social safety net of the future and viable voluntary options for creating alternatives to coercive institutions.  Max is a former editor at The Foundation For Economic Education, the author of "The Social SIngularity" and ...


  4. Lacrosse Is Medicine - Scott Ratliff Pro Lacrosse Player CHPodcast Ep. 23

    Today our guest is Scott Ratliff.  He  plays for the Archers in the Professional Lacrosse League which starts their inaugural season June 1st On NBC Sports.  We discuss how he got into Lacrosse, the spiritual side of the sport as well as his charitable work as co-founder of ...


  5. Group Purchasing Organizations, drug shortages and the high cost of healthcare - Phillip Zweig CHP Ep. 22

    Phillip Zweig joins us to talk about the secretive, massive, and corrupt Group Purchasing Organizations that drive up healthcare costs, decrease medical innovations and cause critical drug shortages in the United States. Phillip Zweig is an award winning financial journalist who is now the Executive Director of Physicians Against Drug ...