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We have conversations aimed at creating a better world with more individual freedom and less unnecessary suffering.
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  1. The truth about the Opioid Crisis with Josh Bloom CHPodcast Ep. 31

    Josh Bloom is researcher, journalist, scientist and President of the American Council on Science and Health, which describes itself as a pro-science consumer advocacy group that goes after what they think is bad science. Josh and I don’t agree on many issues but we do agree that the government’s response to ...


  2. The Fair Tax and Ending The IRS with Phil Hinson CHPodcast Ep. 30

    Phil Hinson is on the board of Americans For Fair Taxation and he is a proponent of The Fair Tax which is a National Consumption Tax  designed to replace All Federal Income Taxes.  Would you like to never again have to pay Federal Income Taxes not like Wesley Snipes tried ...


  3. Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer author David Whitsett CHPodcast Ep 29

    David Whitsett is a retired professor of psychology who is best known for teaching a class dubbed "Marathon 101" and his book he co-authored "The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer", which details the mental and physical training regiment he developed while teaching over 200 college students who were non-runners, how to finish ...


  4. How to find success in Life and in Business with David Marinac CHPodcast Ep 28

    David is the owner and CEO of ABC Packaging Direct and you can find more about his company's products at:  David and I talk about marketing, sales and motivation in the modern age. David is an extremely positive guy who has a lot of great information to share about finding ...


  5. Legislation, Education and Liberty with Connor Boyack CHPodcast Ep. 27

    Connor Boyack  is the president of the Libertas Institute, a Free Market Think tank in Utah and he's also the author of the children’s book series “The Tuttle Twins”, which teaches kids the fundamentals of freedom.  We have a great discussion about the work that the Libertas Institute  is doing,  their ...