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We have conversations aimed at creating a better world with more individual freedom and less unnecessary suffering.
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  1. Fixing Healthcare with Blockchain tech with Dr. Leah Houston

    Dr. Leah Houston is our guest today. She is currently an Emergency Room doctor and co-founder of a company that's applying blockchain technology to help fix healthcare. She is co-founder of which is a tech company that helps doctors to create self-sovereign identies on the blockchain. This helps to reduce ...


  2. Medical Freedom with Dr. Mary Ruwart CPD Ep#`15

    Dr. Mary Ruwart joins me to talk about self-ownership, medical freedom and the seemingly radical idea of the Separation of Church and State. You can follow her work at: Dr. Ruwart is a very warm, compassionate and intelligent person who truly believes, as I do, that the principles of individual liberty ...


  3. Libertarian Case for Universal Basic Income, Ending The Drug War and Fixing Healthcare with Judge Jim Gray

    Judge Jim Gray is our guest today. He is a former prosecutor, a Judge in Orange Country California and best known for running as VP on teh Libertarian Presidential ticket in 2012.  He talks about how to end The War on Drugs, the libertarian case for Universal Basic Income, and how ...


  4. Chronic Pain, Pain Medicine and the Opioid Crisis with Ed Coughlan

    Ed Coughlan journalist and editor of the National Pain Report joins us today. He covers the story about how the response to the opioid crisis is hurting many chronic pain patients. During our conversation we cover the political as well as the personal side of pain in America.  Millions ...


  5. Kat Murti - Libertarian Feminist - Animal Lover

    Kat Murit joins us today. She is libertarian feminist, helps to save animals from unnecessary government medical experiements and works with students around the world to End The War On Drugs. We had a fascinating conversation about how Libertarianism and Feminism are compatible, how the government uses taxpayer dollars to kill ...